May 29, 2015

Selling in Divorce


Divorce can be an extremely trying experience, and the last thing on your mind may be the inevitable conversation about what to do with your home and property. When dealing with a sensitive matter like deciding whether to sell your house in a divorce, emotions can run high. But there are advantages to having this discussion and coming to a decision. In the event that you agree to sell your house, you will both receive the money you need to start fresh. And the choice can assist with making a clean break for you and your spouse.

Divorcing coupleAre you in the midst of divorce and need to sell your house fast?

It doesn’t help that a lot of couples feel pressure to fix their home up before selling, and are under the impression that if they use a realtor, they will automatically be able to sell their house at market value and move on right away. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many couples end up performing extensive remodeling projects that cost thousands of dollars just to end up dealing with unsold properties that linger on the market while they continue to be responsible for the mortgage. They end up selling their homes for less than they originally planned just to be done with the headache and still have to foot the bill for the realtor, closing costs, escrow fees and several other hidden expenses!



We completely get it. That is why we look to help homeowners in distress. With us:

  • You won’t be responsible for arranging your home to be viewed by potential buyers
  • You won’t have to deal with endless inspectors and appraisers
  • You won’t need to fix up your home before selling it

When you go through Property Buyers of San Diego, we give you an all cash offer on your property as-is, and the deal can be over and done within a matter of days. There are no closing costs or hidden fees. Just a simple, quick transaction to get you moving away from the frustrations of divorce, and in the direction of your new life.


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